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national council

​Formed in 2017, The Phi Rho Psi National Council consists of nine alumni members who seek to further the sorority’s mission through chapter growth, guidance, and the enforcement of the national constitution by upholding the ideals of Phi Rho Psi.

National Council seats are elected every two years.


2021-2023 council

Top row, from left to right

President - Tori Wallace (she/her), council member since 2017

Vice-President - Theo Harrison (he/him), council member since 2017

Secretary - Kaitlyn Gilchrist (she/her), council member since 2021

Chairman - Addison McGarity (he/him), council member since 2021

Bottom row, from left to right

Chairman - Sonia Rivera (she/her), council member since 2017

Chairman - Carolyne Taylor (she/her), council member since 2021

Chairman - Tori Thomas (she/her), council member since 2021

Chairman - Kubs Sabrsula (they/she), council member since 2021

Chairman - Rebecca Woods (she/her), council member since 2017

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