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The Texas Color Guard at the University of Texas at Austin is made up of two different sections. The Silk section, which is traditionally seen in marching bands around the country, and The Big Flags, which are unique to the band, is made up of members of the color guard who perform routines with 8-foot poles. They outline LHB with “grand moves and big hits” to tie the marching show together. The section is made up of people like double reed, front ensemble players and other instrumentalists who have no previous experience with color guard but are given an invitation to be part of the Big Flag section during Band Week if they do not make their original section. The Big Flag section is the only section in the entire band allowed to be a part of the Bertha Crew (the Biggest Drum in the Marching Band world).
We are one big happy family and we enjoy all the perks of being part of the Longhorn Band!


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